Why Partner With an Employer of Record?

Your business is thriving.  Business is going so well that it’s time to expand your workforce to meet demands, a good position to be in.  Finding the needed employees may not be so tough, but what extra tasks, regulations and time commitment come with adding the new staff? While it may seem like an easy process to add employees, the more you hire the more time you’re actually taking away from running your key business operations.  Dealing with back office responsibilities can become a major drain on your ability to do what you want to be focused on, growing your [...]

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Seasonal Employees and Your Bottom Line

Let’s face it, seasonal employees are crucial for your business to operate during the time of year when your business is booming. However, when that time comes to an end you’re left with the necessary task of laying off those workers which aren’t needed until the following season. But what does this mean for you, your company and your bottom line throughout the rest of the year? In short, a higher unemployment tax rate that affects all of your payroll, both permanent and seasonal. Even worse, this increase is not a temporary burden but lasts for several years as the [...]

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The Changing Role of HR During COVID-19

Human Resource professionals are no strangers to difficult situations.  When they say, “I’m in HR, I’ve seen it all” they are not lying.  All kidding aside, most current HR leaders have experienced many recent and new challenges. In 2001, the attacks on 9/11 brought unique challenges of safety and security.  Since then, subsequent acts of domestic terrorism have only amplified those challenges.  The Great Recession from 2007-2009 made it difficult to sustain a company and its workforce.   Then as recent as December 2019 companies were dealing with record low unemployment, which translates to more jobs than workers. Now just a [...]

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The New Contingent Workforce

COVID-19 has drastically changed our social and physical environment, and inherently, the way we do business within it.  We have seen extremes in both reductions and increases in staff by business struggling to keep the doors open, and conversely to keep up with demand for “essential” products.  With an unprecedented level of uncertainty and need for the ability to scale, many businesses are pivoting to a contingent workforce as increases in staff are required.  There are several reasons why contingent counts are on the rise, but first let us look at how we define a “contingent worker.” What is a [...]

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The Benefits of Outsourcing Human Resources

Keeping employees paid, protected and engaged is more than a full time job. When organizations take on this daunting task alone, doing it all can begin to feel like doing too much. This is when an HR partner that offers streamlined HR services can potentially become the next wise investment that an organization makes. A good HR partner is one that can save an organization both time and money, allowing for future investments in the organization's growth. As a key decision maker, it’s difficult to decide whether it would be beneficial for your organization’s HR functions to be outsourced before [...]

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HR in the Time of Uncertainty

Everything is changing and we’re unlikely to be at the end of this period of change anytime soon. This new, dynamic reality begs the question, “How does a company best support its staff during these challenging times?” Even that question is complex. What does “protect” even mean in 2020? Of course, a company’s number one responsibility to its staff is to run a profitable business that allows for stable employment and income. But, a global pandemic, an unstable economy and a racial and gender awakening demands that leadership face more complex challenges in the workplace.  This leads us back to [...]

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Your Labor Force May Not Return

PPP loan requirements? Production not meeting demand? If you're struggling to bring employees back, this is a must read. What would you do with an extra $600/week? Would you add a new weekend sports car to the garage? Maybe a new set of golf clubs? That condo on the beach you have been eyeing? To blue collar and white collar employees alike, especially in a retail, hospitality, industrial, or administrative position, the extra $600 simply means you do not have to go back to work any time soon. As a part of the CARES Act, those claiming unemployment receive an [...]

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The Most Important Time To Hire

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has turned the tide for employers who need critical employees. What was once a candidate driven market is now an employer’s market.  In the recent past, we experienced stiff competition for worthy candidates.  Now things are different, and it is not only the social distancing.  With a projection of unemployment rising towards 15%, and growing uncertainty for those who are still employed, candidates that were once passive are now open to new opportunities.  An increase in unemployment and uncertainty results in a leverage shift from the candidate to the employer.   To capitalize on [...]

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Digital Transformation

Technology is constantly transforming, creating new opportunities and risk in the business world. How do you keep up with evolving technology trends and the rising cybersecurity threats we face daily? In today’s dynamic business environment, you cannot become stagnant.  You must embrace the power of digital technologies and transform your organization in ways that enable you to compete and outperform.  Over the last 40 years, we have witnessed and adapted to an incredible technological transformation.   This journey is one that any business leader can learn from. Digital Transformation is the use of new technology to solve problems and improve efficiency.  [...]

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Do’s and Don’ts for Contract Staffing

Regulatory compliance has become such a burden that many business owners now hesitate to hire new employees. Keeping up with federal, state, and even city-specific payroll taxes, wage-and-hour laws, insurance mandates, and other requirements is simply too costly—particularly for businesses with employees in multiple states. No wonder, then, that many businesses have found it more economical to use contract employees. Yet, while obtaining workers through a contract staffing agency can have numerous benefits, there are also some challenges. To get the best results from contract employees, you need to be aware of these challenges and take direct action to avoid [...]

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